In 2005, while stationed at Fort Benning, I was a young U.S. Army Infantry Officer and I bought my first Jeep: a red 2002 Wrangler X.  Wanting to be off-post as much as possible, but still wanting to extend my leisure time, I fashioned the first Jammock using an old hammock-mini from Ranger Joe’s.  Although it was very comfortable, it was prone to breaking as the weight applied was uneven, and ended up over-stressing some parts.  This idea was shelved for a few years due to deployments and other duties.

Fast forward to 2011 when I made my second Jeep Wrangler purchase, this time a green 2002 Sahara.  Recognizing the faults of the first model, the beta was made of 3/8” rope and woven into a hammock-like net between the roll bars.  This version of the Jammock was robust, but it took over an hour to install and wasn’t suitable for use as a secondary soft-top (no sun or water protection).

In early 2012, I was still trying to find the perfect material that would offer the flexibility, semi-permeability, fade-resistance and comfort necessary to make the perfect Jammock.  This package would also have to be easy and quick to install.  Through much trial and error, I finalized my design and decided on 1000 denier Cordura™ nylon–one of the strongest and most wear-resistant fabrics made.  I built prototypes and tweaked them through testing and evaluation.  The final product is what you see today.

The first Jammock, made in April 2005:

James in the first Jammock in his 2002 Jeep Wrangler X.

  • S. Martin

    My wife was bugging me forever to get one but I never saw the benefit over a normal hammock, that was until I bought one. It is miles above the comfort and ease of a hammock. Its any where you are and takes seconds to install. The comfort is outstanding. This will not be the last or only hammock I purchase.. the second is on the way already

  • Jimmy

    Awesome for camping or concerts! I have used this all time! I liked it so much I bought one for a friend as well. This is super easy to install and is great for me being of the fair skinned persuasion, I can have the top off and not get burnt, the jammock also works as a sunscreen.

  • JWWard

    The Jammock is one of the best accessories I purchased for my Jeeps. It comes in handy when you decide to drive down on the beach with a six pack in search of some tasty waves, an afternoon lounging in the sun, and quickly realize the folding chair is at home! I'd highly recommend the Jammock to all Jeep enthusiasts - you won't be disappointed.