Jammock Truck

56 × 56 × 1.5 in

From Austin to Anchorage, Barcelona to Bombay, Cairo to Kathmandu—you’ll never find anything as dependable, functional, and comfortable as your Jammock.  

The JammockTruck is the Jammock for Adventurers. Made in America and Veteran-Owned.   

It's functional, comfortable, and cool--and it's the most rugged hammock you'll ever own.

IT EVEN FITS ON BOATS!  Yes, you can use the JammockTruck as a JammockBoat.

Not sure if it fits your truck?  Check below for dimensions.  Still not sure?  Buy one anyway, with our 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee, you're protected.

Retail Price: $329.99

PREORDER NOW!  Introductory price will not last.  Orders ship in 8-10 weeks.  

JammockTruck is hammock for your truck!

The JammockTruck is an ultra-premium hammock that is designed to turn ordinary trucks into functional sleep stations.  The JammockTruck is the world’s only load-bearing truck bed cover.  The JammockTruck repels water, folds up very small, installs in about a minute, and may be used in many other ways.  It’s a cargo net, it’s a tonneau, and it’s a hammock.  

  • Size:
      • 56" x 56" (79" diagonally-- a grown adult, provided he is under 7 feet tall, will fit just fine).
      • Attachment straps will allow it to fit almost all truck beds, tested on truck bed 60" x 90" with no issues.
      • Bed must be at least 20" deep.
  • Safety:              
      • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) compliant (i.e.: safe for children, cargo net gap size is under 3.5" x 3.5").
      • Working load limit of 400 lbs.
  • Webbing:               
      • 2" polyester, 6,000 lbs test
      • 1" polyester webbing, 4,500 lbs test
  • Hardware:               
      • O-rings: 4 steel,10,000 lbs test, 2" 
      • Buckles: 4 2,000 lbs, 1" NRS Heavy-Duty Cam
      • J-hooks: 4 steel 3,300 lbs test, 1" wire (vinyl coated)
  • Truck bed requirements:            
      • Four stake pockets to accept the 1" wire J-hooks (wire J-hooks require 5/8" x 5/16" profile to fit) or drill your own holes.
      • Stake pockets must be a minimum of 60" from each other (maximum of 72" from each other), see picture below.
      • Truck bed should be at least 18" deep, from top of the stake pocket to the floor (to prevent your butt from hitting the floor).
      • Installs in about a minute.
  • Other Uses:      
      • BOATS
      • Cargo Net
      • Tonneau Cover
      • Tie Down
      • Hammock off the vehicle

Made in America


Why does this cost a little more?
  JammockTruck Most other cargo nets and hammocks
Hole Size

The grid size is 3.5" x 3.5".  Smaller grid means greater strength and more material.  Jammock meets the United States Consumer Safety Protection Commission's standards for use by supervised children. 

Meeting this standard increased manufacturing costs by 30%.  We could have slapped a "No kids" warning on the Jammock--but we want to be able to sleep at night.  Jammock remains committed to our products and making them safe for use by children supervised by adults.  

Others have 6" x 6"or larger holes.  These use less material, are weaker, less comfortable, and endanger children, who may become entangled. 
Webbing We use 1 15/16" wide polyester webbing that can hold up to 3 tons.  It's UV resistant, won't get waterlogged, and is anti-stretch. Others use cheap rope, string, twine, or cheap webbing--none of which is actually load-bearing.  They don’t test their products and subscribe to the "build and pray" model of manufacturing: build a cheaper model and pray they don't get sued.
Hardware We use hardcore metal hardware to ensure that you have the highest quality Jammock.  Each JammockTruck comes equipped with four of each of the following:  O-rings (10,000 lbs test), double-J-hooks (3,300 lbs test), and NRS 1" tension lock buckles (2,000 lbs test). Others employ cheap connectors, plastic slides and plastic side-release buckles to attach to your vehicle--they are most certainly NOT load bearing. 
Country of Origin Made in America.  We make the best damn product.  If we get a Jammock that isn't the best, we send it right back and that gets fixed yesterday. We don't have to send it back to China and let the factory decide if they want to fix their problem. Made some place else. Sure, you can get what looks like a nice cargo net/hammock for a little cheaper, but come see me in a month we'll compare notes.
Adaptability JammockTruck can be used anywhere for myriad purposes.  Some of the other guys have hyper-specialized products that can only be used on a Jeep Wrangler. 


 Retail Price: $329.99