A hammock for your Jeep!




This message is being sent from my jammock. Very satisfied with the purchase. Are there more comfortable hammocks on the market? Sure, but it is still very comfortable (I’m 6’5″ btw) and requires only the jeep to mount to, so it can be used anywhere your jeep is.

Basically, it’s awesome. Yeah, you could bring a folding chair or regular hammock. But there’s something much more enjoyable about being able to climb up on top of the Jeep and just hang out in the sun. It installs ridiculously easily, just takes a couple of minutes, and then it stays in place. Acts as a great sunshade while still keeping the open air feel. Not much more that needs to be said – it’s just really comfortable, super simple, and very convenient. It’s not a full sized hammock, and I never expected to be able to spend an entire night in it, but it’s more than comfortable enough to take a nap in or just relax for a while. James (the inventor) was great to deal with as well, USPS had a bit of a snafu and he sent a new one out no questions asked.

Jammock is simply awesome.

I’ve got the Jammock and I LOVE it. Extremely comfortable (2 people and a dog), versatile, and super easy install/takedown. One of the best gifts I have ever received hands down. I have also hooked up my ENO to the cage. Jammock is awesome because it can be used as a shader and so many other things.Awesome to chill in for a great day. Since music festival season is coming up, I’m going to definitely be using this at the camping sites. Attached pics are of my girlfriend and her dog Doja. They both love it as much as me!
I’m in the Jacksonville Beach area in North FL if anybody would like a demo! I’d be more than happy to let you check it out.
It gives just as much shade as any other temp/summer top you’d buy which is great. Its so easy to get in and out. Personally, I step on the sides above the rear wheels and hop a sit on the cage and just slide right in. Sometimes I get in from walking on the hood, or even stepping on the door sides when my windows are off where the windows should be. Theres a million ways to get in it or out of it. My girlfriends favorite is when I recline both of the seats back and you can sort of junglegym slide into the seat sliding from the headrest down from behind the soundbar. Dude the thing is awesome you cannnot go wrong with it.

Got mine today! Would have been Monday but I had to pick it up from the post office since I was not at home when they first tried.First impressions: Came quick, well packaged. The material isn’t at all what I was thinking. It’s more plasticky, but not in a bad way. Something you might find on a high dollar pool lounger. Seems like it would be very easy to clean (so a black one might not be so bad in the dirt department) as opposed to my soft top material which shows stains easy, I don’t think this will.

The straps are heavy duty, again, thicker than I was thinking.

I have yet to put it in the jeep, been busy. I hope to have it done soon, but the next few days won’t leave much time, so it may have to wait until next week.

Who was I kidding, got it installed. Very easy to set up, the clamping buckles are easy to use.

Jumped up on top. I am not a little guy, 5-11 250lbs. It was not bad to lay on. One summer I slept in a hammock for roughly 3 months straight. This is not as comfortable but it will be one of the more comfortable seats while out on a trail or hanging around a campsite. The little bit of padding on my spreader bars made for a sort of pillow. My legs of course hung over the other end.

I also tossed my soft top windows up top (the main reason I wanted the jammock, even though its not really meant for window storage) all five windows fit, however it looked like it was sagging down a little low. I jumped in the drivers seat and it does hit the top of my head. I do have after market seats that ride a bit high. I need about another inch, so stock seats might be okay. I could also leave the frames in the doors to lighten the load. Will need to continue playing around with it to figure out the best way to make it all work.

Will get it out of the garage soon and do some more “testing” as soon as I can.

I tried to take a picture of me using it, but as a self pic I could not get a decent one. Either it was my face or feet!

Got the jeep out today for a bit after work. I tried to figure out how to get the windows stored without it hitting my head. In the end I could not get it comfortable so I gave up for now. It was however fine empty and above my head as it sucked up and stayed away when I was under way.

I moved on to trying it as a wind break. It’s not as easy to set up because the seats get in the way. It would be easy with another person, but doable by myself.

I did wish the buckle strap was maybe four inches longer. I wanted to wrap it around the top tube to help keep it in place. I wrapped the long strap end and its holding in place just fine anyhow. I had the windows out but the top still in place (its the normal way I run most of the year). It did cut the wind from coming rushing into the back of my head ( I am starting to go bald, so this is nice!) it was in the 30s at testing with temps dropping. With heat on I was comfortable with a jacket going 30. Not bad for a spring evening with a winter feel. Visibility was okay, I could see the road behind me, but it was not easy (it was also getting dark. Vehicles with lights on would have been easy to see and I think day light would have been fine.

That’s where I stopped as it was getting dark and I was getting hungry. More to come. I want to try storing the windows across the top of the rear family style cage.

Oh, I also noticed the double extra stitching on the straps. No denying its built well. Nice to see with an influx of Chinese crap these days. Tag says made in USA, that right there is worth the purchase! Sight for sore eyes. More to come.

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